Calc Flow

Early Access or Beta Game

Age Restriction: Not categorised

  • Bh1

  • Experience

Play Type: Single Player

Comfort Level: Amber

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We made a youtube tutorial series! Check it out! Ever wanted to learn vector calculus? See some crazy parametrized functions? Did newton invent or discover calculus? These are all questions this VR experience may be able to answer. Calcflow is here. Open your mind to mathematics. Explore the secrets to the universe. Everything starts with the math. Calcflow features intuitive ways you can learn the foundations of vector calculus. You can finally explain the complexities of vector calculus to your friend! Manipulate vectors with your hands, explore vector addition and cross product. See and feel a double integral of a sinusoidal graph in 3D, a mobius strip and it's normal, and spherical coordinates! Create your own parametrized function and vector field! Don't worry, if these mean like crazy mumbo jumbo, you can always explore some of our awesome presets and sample problems! You can also create your own notes while you're exploring these amazing mathematical properties! Simply push the track pad and write away in 2D or 3D!